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Learn about My Service Robot, how we came about, more about our team, and how we plan to help 1,000 home service company owners establish "order," in their businesses!

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Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...

2019 • January

3,300 Mile Move

Corey sold his homes, business, cars, and trucks and drove 3,300 miles from Atlanta, Ga to Washington St to embark on building a multi million dollar service business from the ground up!

2020 • March

Covid Year

Covid threw us for a loop! We still pushed forward documenting systems, training, and dialing in hiring! After hiring Sales people and Crew Managers we finished off 2020 at $750,000!

2021 • June

Doube -Double

This was the year I pushed hard to hit my fist $1M+ year! Essentially we double doubled our company in basically back to back years pushing us to $1,500,000 mark. Our automated hiring, onboarding, and trailing process helped us constantly stay staffed with productive employees. W also developed marketing partnerships with a few companys we trusted to keep our phones ringing.

2022 • October

Multi - Million $ Mark

4 complete fiscal years in Washington State and we are tracking $2,300,000 annual revenue! This was no easy task! Corey had a Vision, a Multi Year Plan, and a Step by Step to do list. He stayed on top of that list constantly and accomplished this crazy feat of moving to a rand city and state to build a multi million dollar home service company from scratch!

2023 • January

SOLD! & My Service Robot FT

Our GM was a beast and we worked with us since 2020 through some serious ups and downs! He mentioned many times he would like to own the company, knowing Corey wanted to move back to South Carolina. We struck a deal that worked for both parties and Corey was of working Full Time with My Service Robot!

We provide our clients with DFY Services, Unlimited Support, & Extensive Training.

By condensing your technology stack, we help you streamline your operations. This not only saves you valuable time but-also enhances your earning potential. Plus, with our dedicated Automation's, Coaching and Support, you'll have the guidance and assistance you need to make the most of these powerful tools.

We believe in Inspiration



Our advanced automations revolutionize the service industry. We constantly innovate to provide cutting-edge technology that enhances efficiency, increases revenue, and customer satisfaction.



We are committed to delivering top-tier automations solutions. Our rigorous quality standards ensure that every product and service exceeds customer expectations for reliability and performance.



We prioritize ethical practices and sustainable solutions. Our responsibility is to ensure our technology benefits both our clients and the broader community, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and environmental stewardship.

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